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About Us

“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.”


About Us.

Back in 2014, a nature lover; Mr. Rishi Manchanda was devastated after studying the harsh effects that various skin care products leave on the skin of its user as well as nature! That is when he came across a skincare & science expert; Mr. Dhruv Kohli. After knowing each other, the two discovered their love for nature and preserving beauty. And thus, ALIVE HEALTH AND BEAUTY was found!

Our Approach.

Together, Rishi and Dhruv studied the harsh reality behind most of the skin care products and cosmetics available in the Indian Market. Using Dhruv’s experience in R&D for the past 20 years, the two discovered how most renowned brands are exploiting their customers by using cheap-standard chemicals in their beauty products. To combat this problem, and to provide the nurture of nature, Alive Skincare started creating beauty and skin care products that were inspired by nature!


Our Mission.

We as a skincare brand strive to reach and cure the unique skin needs of every individual out there. Our approach to becoming the best skincare brand starts with being 100% Cruelty-Free, 100% Toxin Free, and 100% Nature safe. We envision a future where pollution and the changing nature do not succeed in making people’s skins lifeless! Thus we, work together as a team and bring out the best solutions for all skin-related problems.

We are proudly Indian.

We are 100% of goodness!

100% Cruelty-Free


100% Paraben Free


100% Toxins Free


100% Vegan